Parts Washers

The parts washers cleaning equipment, solvent, and maintenance solutions that meet your needs without the up-front expense of buying a system. 

The Parts Cleaner Servicing includes:

The removal/recycling of old solvent, cleaning of the unit, and installation of new solvent. The solvent used is a non-hazardous 142 Flashpoint Solvent (SDS provided).

Aqueous-based Systems & Services

Aqueous-based parts cleaning systems and services, provide you and the environment with a safer solution.

Paint Gun Cleaners

Serious Environmental Solutions leases paint gun cleaners for cleaning both solvent and water-based paints from spray guns, cups, and other painting accessories, and service them on a schedule to suit your paint shop’s needs. Our cleaners include a flow-through brush, industrial strength polyethylene tank, and a 5-gallon internal reservoir. 

Customer-owned Solvent Systems

The service of customer-owned units is also available for any size system, with the customer indicating the service week interval.

Leased Solvent Systems

Serious Environmental Solutions offers quality leased 7, 15, 30, 40, and 80-gallon solvent parts cleaning systems. Special functions and sizes are also available by special order. Our standard maintenance service for leased parts cleaning units is available at 4, 6, 8 and 12-week intervals. Custom service schedules are also available and will be determined after our review of your lease application.